Duke joins Invictus Gaming

Duke will join Invictus Gaming for the coming LPL season (lolesports flickr).
Duke will join Invictus Gaming for the coming LPL season (lolesports flickr).

Lee “Duke” Hoseong has joined League of Legends Pro League team Invictus Gaming, according to the team’s weibo. The announcement also confirmed mid laner Song “Rookie” Euijin will remain with team.

Duke completes Invictus Gaming’s 2017 LPL roster:

  • Top: Lee “Duke” Hoseong

  • Jungle: Ge “Kid” Yan

  • Mid: Song “Rookie” Euijin

  • ADC: Yu “JackeyLove” Wenbo

  • Support: Wang “Baolan” Liuyi

Rumors that Duke would join Invictus Gaming have been circulating in the past week, along with discussion of the departure of Chinese top laner, Liu “Zzitai” Zhihao to Snake eSports. Team owner Wang Sicong informally confirmed the addition in his stream chat on December 13th when fans asked the identity of iG’s top laner for the new season.

Duke played top lane for SK Telecom T1 in the 2016 LCK season. He was known for split-pushing and poor communication for the rest of the roster, but the team still won the 2016 World Championship, the 2016 LCK Spring split, the IEM World Championship, and the 2016 Mid Season Invitational. Duke parted ways with SKT at the same time as jungler Bae “Bengi” Seongwoong, now a member of Vici Gaming.

With the addition of Invictus Gaming’s new bottom lane, JackeyLove and Baolan, the team found momentary success in the offseason by winning the National Electronic Sports Tournament. In their bracket, they defeated I May, Royal Never Give Up, and LGD Gaming with their 2016 season rosters. Duke is their only roster change since their victory.

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