Dug McDaniel takes dig at Kansas’ Bill Self while announcing he’ll play at K-State

Transfer guard Dug McDaniel grew up in Washington, D.C., and started his college career at the University of Michigan.

Despite not having ties to the state of Kansas, McDaniel apparently knows all about the Sunflower Showdown rivalry.

McDaniel on Thursday shared a video on social media to declare he was transferring to Kansas State. McDaniel poked fun at KU basketball coach Bill Self in that video.

Here’s the backstory.

After Jerome Tang was hired by Kansas State in 2022, Self told reporters he called Tang and offered his congratulations.

“His answering machine already said, ‘What a great day to be a Wildcat.’ And I said, ‘I beg to differ, but I am very happy for you and look forward to us getting a chance to spend some time together,’” Self said at that time.

McDaniel used a phrase from that quote in his video. Take a look.

That clip of Self caught the attention of fans of both schools. Here is just a taste of what they were saying on X.