Duchess Camilla’s Son Just Revealed Whether She’ll Be Queen After Prince Charles Becomes King

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As Queen Elizabeth II’s eventual abdication nears, royal followers wonder if Duchess Camilla will be queen after her husband, Prince Charles, is king. Charles, the Queen and Prince Philip’s eldest son, is next in line for the throne after his mother retires. But will his wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall, be a queen? It doesn’t look likely.

In an interview on with The Times on Thursday, April 29, Camilla’s son, Tom Parker-Bowles, revealed that he isn’t sure if his mother will be referred to as a queen after Prince Charles becomes king. “I honestly don’t know if Mum will be called queen,” he said. “That hasn’t been decided. There are a lot of interesting Sky documentaries about that I’m sure,...

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