Dua Lipa And Madonna Twin With Sculpted Legs At The Fashion Awards On Instagram

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Dua Lipa And Madonna Twin With Sculpted Legs At The Fashion Awards On Instagram
  • Dua Lipa, 26, and Madonna, 63, just teamed up to flaunt their ultra-toned legs on Instagram.

  • Dua looked super strong in a black dress, while Madonna rocked a pair of fishnet tights.

  • Dua and Madonna both swear by interval training to help them stay in such great shape.

Dua Lipa and Madonna are pretty huge stars on their own—but put them together, and they might just break the Internet. The "Don't Start Now" singer, 26, and the Madame X artist, 63, just flashed their super sculpted legs on Instagram, and it's a major moment.

"Martini’s on deckkkkkk," Dua captioned the snaps. Naturally, fans were beside themselves in the comments. "LEGENDS ❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥," one user wrote, while someone else added, "two pop icons 😻😻😻."

The pair were hanging out together at The Fashion Awards in London, England, and obviously had some time to kill. The result? This iconic pic:

So, just how do Dua and Madonna stay in such amazing shape? For starters, Dua swears by early morning workouts.

"Whether it’s on Zoom, doing a workout with my friend Ella in L.A. who leads a kickass workout class called Sculpt With Ella, or with my best friend Bunny who comes over to train me on days when I’m feeling super lazy and need someone to get me motivated, getting physical really starts my day off right," she shared with Refinery29.

She tries to squeeze in a quick workout whenever she can. "I love doing something that’s really fast and quick, like a 15-minute HIIT session which I can do before I start my day," Dua explained to Viva back in 2018.

"If I’ve got a really early call time, I don’t want to be waking up hours before I need to go and do a workout. So a high-intensity workout, shower, breakfast, and I’m on my way," she continued.

Madonna, on the other hand, works out regularly for 30 minutes a day, six days a week. “I vary the workouts every single day,” her trainer, Craig Smith, told Daily Mail Australia. “She does a combination of circuit training, interval training, and resistance training. Dance is obviously a huge part of that.”

She's also working on strengthening her hips after injuring herself while on tour in 2019, according to People.

Diet-wise, Dua focuses on eating healthy meals as often as she can. "I try and stay as healthy as possible whenever I can," she told Adidas, per Beauty Crew. "I'm never one to stop myself having treats, I do love naughty treats. But I try and limit it to days when I'm not as busy, because if I do eat a doughnut it usually puts me in a food coma!"

Madonna currently follows a macrobiotic diet, which is mostly vegetarian (and sometimes even vegan). TBH, I just want to know when their joint album is dropping!

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