DTM finalising hybrid powertrain spec for 2022 debut

Tom Errington

, admitted it was now a requirement for manufacturers inside and outside the DTM.

could look like and DTM sources told Motorsport.com that the concept had been well received.

The DTM has also begun trialling synthetic fuels, as part of a push to include more sustainable technology in the series, and it was first used at the Hockenheim season finale. Audi claimed the synthetic fuel used at Hockenheim reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 30%.

When Berger was asked by Motorsport.com about the DTM's push towards hybrid power, he said: "I think I told you already that we are working on a hybrid solution, synthetic fuels and a hybrid solution, and it would be something where we think for our platform of our cars, it could be a good message.

"It could be a good solution, so we are working at the moment on the specification of the hybrid and we think, depending on testing, the beginning of 2022 [it will be ready] to have it run."

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Berger added a hybrid component would have "to be a single supplier because otherwise, the costs will run through the roof".

It is understood the DTM has already explored potential suppliers.

Cosworth, which is supplying the British Touring Car Championship with hybrid technology in 2022, told Motorsport.com to "watch this space" over plans to expand its hybrid footprint when it was asked about its interest in the DTM.

“Cosworth is at the forefront of hybrid technology development and motorsport remains an area of growth for the company," a statement read.

We aren’t able to comment on confidential contracts so it’s a case of ‘watch this space’.”

Berger recently said that the DTM is "talking with a significant number of automotive manufacturers and suppliers who would like to become more involved in motorsport" and that its recent futuristic vision offered something "tangible" to interested parties.

BMW motorsport boss Jens Marquardt said the implementation of a hybrid component had been considered in terms of DTM car design as early as 2012.

He added that hybridisation was an important factor in BMW continuing in the DTM.

Motorsport.com understands that the DTM is currently talking to other series about their experience of potential hybridisation.