Driver leaving Christmas party ‘felt like dancing’ during DWI stop, Missouri cops say

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Missouri police say a traffic stop that led to a driving while intoxicated arrest was full of follies, or foolishness and bad judgment.

The driver was pulled over by a Ballwin patrol officer who noticed the vehicle was “failing to maintain a single lane” and “nearly drove off the road,” according to a police statement posted to Facebook on Monday, Dec. 3.

In the department’s “weekly round up,” officials said the officer smelled a “very strong odor of alcohol” during the traffic stop.

As officers conducted a field sobriety test, the driver said they had been working at a Christmas party and now “felt like dancing.”

The driver was arrested during the stop and later charged with DWI.

Authorities did not provide the driver’s age or gender.

In Missouri, a first-time DWI conviction leads to a 90-day driving suspension. Two intoxication-related traffic offenses usually equal a 1-year license revocation. Two convictions in five years can result in a five-year revocation.

Ballwin is a suburb in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

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