THE DRILL: JCC's Rylie Cother is a talented athlete who excels at basketball

Jan. 30—JACKSON — In any given sport, the talent level of certain athletes will often jump out to the people watching them.

Take basketball for instance. It is sometimes easy to tell which players are especially great at scoring, shooting, ball handling or defense. The amount of talent displayed from certain players on the court is often noticed.

When the Globe recently interviewed Jackson County Central basketball player Rylie Cother for a Drill feature, it was evident throughout the team's practice that she is a very talented athlete.

Among her biggest strengths displayed on the court are the abilities to drive to the basket and read a defense well. She is also a strong shooter who can hit outside shots when needed. Because of her array of skills, she is a consistent threat scoring the basketball.

The stats will also tell you that Cother, a junior from Lakefield, is someone who can consistently score 20, 30 and even 40 points a game.

Last season as a sophomore, Cother even dropped 53 points in a 98-92 overtime win over St. James to set JCC's single-game scoring record. She remembers being strangely calm and locked in before the game and that everything fell in place for her to have a big night.

"I just remember looking up halfway through the game and was like, 'that cannot be right, that amount of points,'" she said. "And it's not like it was all it was forced or anything, it was just a bunch of transition buckets that happened. So that was a big win for us."

But big-scoring games are nothing new for Cother and she's continuing to prove it throughout this season. In a Dec. 21 win over Luverne, she broke the 1,000-point career milestone.

Cother's achievements so far on the basketball court are a testament not just to her talent, but also her hard work and dedication to be great.

"I think it's a big thing about getting in the gym. I'm in the gym almost every day in the summer, and staying consistent with workouts and stuff like that," she said. "I play with a lot of boys, like my friends, and so they're bigger, they're more aggressive, so getting that type of competition and you don't call every foul so that contact is pretty good. So I'd say that's a big thing."

This season, Cother is taking even more of an offensive role after former all-conference player Maci Farmer graduated last year. She is continuing to improve not just in her ability to score individually, but also as a teammate getting others involved. She also wants to continue working on being a leader for her teammates.

This season has fared pretty well for Cother and the Huskies as they currently have a 12-4 record.

When Cother was young, she actually started out in wrestling before her mother wanted her to try basketball. She wound up liking the sport and she's been playing it ever since the third grade. Now, Cother is a two-sport athlete who also excels at track and field.

You can go online at to see the full video of Rylie Cother, the subject for this week's Drill. Here is a sample of our interview.

QUESTION: Who inspires you in sports?

ANSWER: "I think my biggest inspiration (is) probably my dad or my mom, even though they're not in sports, but they're always pushing me to do the best that I can. And my older brother, he's always talking crap, so just getting on the court with him and showing him what's up, I think that's a big thing. But yeah, my dad and my mom are always trying to get me to a court to shoot, even when I don't want to. But yeah, in the end, it's good."

QUESTION: What's the best piece of advice you've received in your athletic career?

ANSWER: "The best advice I've received is that you're always gonna have a bad game, but it just matters in the next game, like how are you going to come back from that. It's weird for people to make 25 out of 25 shots and it's weird for people to make zero out of 25 shots, you're always going to be in like the 10 out of 25 or 15 out of 25. When people say that, that's not weird, but you're never gonna make everything and you're never gonna miss everything so I think that's probably a big thing."

QUESTION: What is something that a lot of people may not know about you?

ANSWER: "I think a lot of people don't know that I like cooking. I like making a bunch of different things. Every Sunday, I like to make a different dish, so I like food. That's basically what it revolves around, but yeah, I like cooking."