THE DRILL: Bailey Ahlquist loves to dance and be part of a team

Jan. 16—WORTHINGTON — Compared to other sports teams, there aren't as many opportunities for local fans to watch the Worthington Trojettes dance team.

The team doesn't have a single home competition this year and it travels to high schools like MACCRAY, Lakeview and Yellow Medicine East, all of which are an hour and a half or more away from home.

Because of that limited exposure, some may not fully realize how hard-working, talented and successful the Trojettes are.

This season, the team has competed in five competitions so far and have a handful of top-three finishes. The team's best result came at the Big South Conference Showcase in Fairmont Jan. 9, where varsity jazz placed first and high kick second.

The Trojettes will have five more competitions before sections in Montevideo on Feb. 10.

A prime example of the team's hard work and success is senior Bailey Ahlquist. She knows first hand about the amount of effort the team puts into each practice and competition.

"Dance really involves every muscle in your body," she said. "There's never a time that you're just sitting around, there's always something that you could be working on."

"It takes a lot of stamina. Even for just a two minute and 30 second dance, your whole body is moving that whole time and you never even get to stop to take a break."

Along with dancing for the Trojettes, Ahlquist is also involved in Kay Williams Prunty's The Dance Academy in town. That combined with hours of practice and competitions for the Trojettes makes up a lot of Ahlquist's time and it's helped her grow into a fine dancer.

"It takes quite a learning curve just understanding all the techniques and the little things that go into the movement and everything," she said. "It's taken me all my years to learn technique and I'm still learning every day. There are still many things that I need to work on, but I've definitely gotten better."

Ahlquist loves the team aspect of being part of a competitive dance team and the opportunities to bond with her friends.

After high school, she will continue that love of dance at the collegiate level. Last month she signed to join the dance program at Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. It was the first time WHS ever had a college dance signing.

"Dance has been a really major part of my life, so I was really hoping to find a way to do it more into college," she said. "So I visited Northwestern the last spring semester and I just fell in love with the school, it was just such a great area to be around. And then their dance coach contacted me at the Iowa combine and she said she would love to have me on the team."

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QUESTION: When did you first start to think about potentially doing dance in college?

ANSWER: "That decision kind of came to me sophomore and junior year when it was like, 'it's getting to the end and I want to get doing this."

QUESTION: What is a special memory that sticks out to you from being on the Worthington dance team?

ANSWER: "One of my favorite memories from dance team was last year at Lakeview. We didn't even place first or anything, but it was just so much fun being around my team and we were all just having a great time. It was just so fun."

QUESTION: Who inspires you in dance?

ANSWER: "Someone that inspires me in dance is probably Jackie Banegas. She was on the dance team earlier and now she's dancing at Mankato State, and she's amazing, she really inspires me."