Drew Lock: I appreciate fans' support, but I'm a backup here to help Daniel Jones

The backup quarterback on a team whose starter is struggling is always popular with the fan base. Drew Lock, the Giants' new backup quarterback, knows that.

But while Lock appreciates the fans' support, he says he was signed to help Daniel Jones, not to replace him.

“I wouldn’t say that,” Lock answered when asked about the backup quarterback being the most popular player, via “I would say I appreciate the people that respect my game and know what I can do, but you’re the backup, and you’re here to help Daniel.”

Lock insisted that he wants to see Jones do well, not to take Jones' job.

”Three years I wasn’t a starting quarterback I was patient then," Lock said. "I know how to be a backup, and just be ready if and when your time comes. As a backup, you hope it never comes, you hope the team’s playing good football. You hope Daniel stays healthy, but do everything you can to be ready, and when that time comes, just make the best of it.”

Still, Lock says he believes he can win games for the Giants if he becomes their starter.

”I know I can do it,” he said. “It is what it is. Whenever that time comes, if it comes, I’ll be ready.”

The Giants are still hoping Jones proves he's worth the contract they signed him to a year ago. If he doesn't, Lock will be starting at some point in 2024.