Drew Gooden talks Monumental Basketball, 'Rich Paul Rule'

Quinton Mayo

Scroll down to listen to the latest episode of the Wizards Talk Podcast as Chris Miller is joined by the new official analyst for NBC Sports Washington's Wizards broadcasts, Drew Gooden.

It's been an extremely busy offseason for the Washington Wizards; from a seemingly neverending GM search, to the assembling of a "never before seen" front office staff. Nevertheless, the NBA has had an abundance of juicy storylines that the Wizards Talk podcast discussed in the latest episode.

"First of all congratulations to Tommy Sheppard," Gooden said. "He's been able to operate in a tight space-operating as a GM in a space tighter than a telephone booth."

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Sheppard was promoted to the full-time GM position after he cleaned up the Wizards' salary cap situation as best he could, giving them some newfound financial flexibility beyond next season.

Gooden continued, "Pressure either burst pipes or makes diamonds and a diamond was made with Tommy Sheppard."

"Sheppard has done a phenomenal job with the moves he made in the draft, free agency, and acquiring assets."

Gooden also believes the Wizards are a lot better than some are giving them credit for:

"If you're looking at the makeup of the roster I think the Wizards can be that sleeper team in the East like Orlando Magic of last year or even the Charlotte Hornets of two years ago."  

Another trending topic recently has been the NCAA's recent implementation dissuading players from working with agents who don't have a bachelor's degree, among other requirements. This change has been dubbed the "Rich Paul Rule" because Paul began working with Lebron James a couple of years after high school and didn't graduate from college.

Gooden's response? All-encompassing. 

"The NCAA always had weird rules for me," Gooden said. "So it's not like this is the first time we've heard of a weird rule coming from the NCAA."

With the addition of Gooden to the Wizards' broadcasting team be on the lookout for some more great material all season long.


Drew Gooden talks Monumental Basketball, 'Rich Paul Rule' originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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