Drew Brees selected for New Orleans Saints’ team Hall of Fame

Drew Brees was officially selected for the New Orleans Saints’ team Hall of Fame on Thursday, in what was likely the easiest decision the voters have ever had in front of them. Brees elevated the Saints to a national brand during his 15-year run as their starting quarterback, winning every major passing record at some point during his tenure. He was also named Most Valuable Player in the Saints’ Super Bowl XLIV victory.

Brees and his family returned to the team’s Ochsner Sports Performance Center for a press conference in his honor, which was attended by former teammates and staffers he knew well during his Saints career.

“This is a tremendous honor,” Brees spoke slowly in his opening statement, choking up with emotion. “And I am so grateful to everybody here, and forever will be. Once a Saint, always a Saint. I will be living and dying with the team every Sunday as most of you will as well.”

It remains to be seen which game will honor Brees for enshrinement to the team’s Hall of Fame, so we’ll keep you posted. Whenever that is, we’re guessing it’ll include a packed house. Brees isn’t eligible for enshrinement to the Pro Football Hall of Fame until 2026, but he’s a safe bet to get in as soon as the rules allow it.

Story originally appeared on Saints Wire