Drew Barrymore’s Fave Pore-Clearing Face Mask Is On Sale For Amazon Prime Day

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Even before she had her own talk show, Drew Barrymore was low-key one of our favorite low beauty influencers. Seriously! She told us all about her favorite line-smoothing serum and ultra-hydrating hand masks. Now, Barrymore is revealing her love for a Mario Badescu mask. The actress and host said on her show that this face mask “literally blew her away.” Well, okay!

Barrymore’s skin is glowing on the set of her daytime talk show so we’re going to listen to her advice when it comes to skincare. Still, this mask is best for oily and/or acne-prone skin. It’s made with sulfur and zinc oxide to target congested areas and dry up any breakouts that have already come...

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