DreamHack Open Austin 2017 CS:GO results, Gambit wins first place

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Gambit wins the CS:GO tournament at DreamHack Austin. (DreamHack)
Gambit wins the CS:GO tournament at DreamHack Austin. (DreamHack)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament DreamHack Astro Open concluded this weekend, and Gambit Esports has emerged victorious in the competition.

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Gambit beat Immortals 2-0 in the grand final in a series of games that both went 16-12. The first game was played on Gambit’s pick of Train, and the second on Immortals’ pick of Inferno. Gambit scores $50,000 for their victory, see the full results below.

  • 1st. Gambit Esports ($50,000)

  • 2nd. Immortals ($20,000)

  • 3rd-4th. G2 Esports, Heroic ($10,000)

  • 5th-6th. HellRaisers, Cloud9 ($3,000)

  • 7th-8th. Team Liquid, Luminosity Gaming ($2,000)

Prior to heading to DreamHack Austin, Gambit most recently competed at the cs_summit event, where they placed second, losing in the grand final to SK Gaming.

DreamHack Astro Open Austin 2017 took place April 28-30 at the Austin Convention Center. The event was host to several tournaments, including CS:GO, Street Fighter V, and Smash.

We recently interviewed DreamHack’s chief product officer on how the organization approaches building CS:GO tournaments in a space where more and more competing events are emerging, how the company is bidding for CS:GO Majors, and more.

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