Draymond Green wants Warriors to see Sacramento Kings in the playoffs

Draymond Green is looking at the Western Conference standings and sizing up who the Golden State Warriors would like to face in the first round of the playoffs like most teams at this point in the season.

As a four-time NBA Champion, certain Hall of Famer, and competitor of Green’s caliber, you’d think it wouldn’t matter who the Warriors matched up against. Or where for that matter. As it turns out, we’d all be very wrong.

Green said on his podcast that he’d like to play against the Sacramento Kings if he had his way, but not for the reason you may think.

His reasoning and logic are extremely understandable and shouldn’t be seen as a slight to the Kings in any way:


For a core that is as accomplished and battle-tested as the Warriors, things like this are important. Their core players are all over the age of 33 and the extensive travel blended with the malaise that is the regular season, it’s suddenly not too hard to see why the Warriors have one of the worst road records in the league.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire