Draymond Green shares thoughts on Patrick Beverley’s antics

Draymond Green has shared his thoughts regarding Patrick Beverley’s altercation with Indiana Pacers fans. Beverley threw a ball into the stands as the Milwaukee Bucks were eliminated from the playoffs. The Golden State Warriors veteran noted how Beverley is building a pattern after playoff losses, noting how he also pushed Chris Paul in the back in recent years.

During a recent episode of “The Draymond Green Show,” the veteran forward shared his thoughts on Beverley’s actions and whether he will face punishment from the league. Green noted how clashing with opposing teams’ fans in the way Beverley did is ‘forbidden’ for NBA players.

“Pat Bev threw a ball at a fan last night,” Green said. “Pat keeps having these instances after they lose in these playoff games. That one might be crazier than the CP push. Because it opens up an entirely different can of words. Adam’s going to have a problem with this one. It’s probably as close as you can get to going into the stands.”

Green has dealt with his fair share of issues this season. He served two suspensions and was ejected on three occasions. As such, he will understand the protocols that the league will likely go through as they look to make a decision on how to punish Beverley.

Since the Warriors were eliminated from the playoffs, Green has increased the frequency of his podcasts, sharing his thoughts and analysis of the playoff games happening around the NBA.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire