Draymond Green refutes Victor Wembanyama better NBA prospect than LeBron

Draymond refutes narrative Wemby is better prospect than LeBron originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

The Victor Wembanyama hype train has left the station.

Wembanyama, the 19-year-old French phenom center who stands 7-foot-4 and boasts a level of athleticism and coordination never seen in a big man his size, likely will land with the San Antonio Spurs after they won Tuesday's 2023 NBA Draft Lottery.

Many NBA pundits are dubbing "Wemby" as the best prospect in NBA history. ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski suggested Tuesday night he might be the "greatest prospect in the history of team sports."

Warriors forward Draymond Green won't go quite that far.

"Is he the best prospect since LeBron [James]? I think we’d all agree," Green said on Tuesday's episode of his podcast. "Is he the best prospect ever? Of course, everyone is going to say that now. But let’s not forget how big of a prospect LeBron James was. LeBron James was a phenom from 15 years old. LeBron James was the [hypothetical] No. 1 pick as a 15-year-old.

"I can’t quite say Victor Wembanyama was the No. 1 pick as a 15-year-old."

James, of course, was the top pick in the 2003 NBA Draft as an 18-year-old from Akron, Ohio. But he was being referred to as the next Michael Jordan as early as age 16.

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"Although we like to move on fast to the next thing, I’m just not going off the rail and saying [Wembanyama] is a better prospect than LeBron," Green said. "However, he’s definitely the best prospect since LeBron, and probably the second-best prospect ever."

James has surpassed all the unreasonable expectations surrounding him entering that draft in 2003. He has 19 All-Star appearances, four NBA championships and the all-time scoring record to show for it.

He created a template -- on and off the court -- for fellow consensus No. 1 picks to follow. Wembanyama is up next.

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