Draymond Green jokes he's going to flagrant foul Andre Iguodala in return

Dalton Johnson
NBC Sports BayArea

There will be a warm, standing ovation for Andre Iguodala when he returns to face the Warriors on Monday night at Chase Center.

This will be the first time the Dubs have faced Iguodala since trading him this past offseason. And Draymond Green couldn't care less. 

"I'm gonna flagrant foul him," Green said Monday to reporters. "Flagrant 2 ... as soon as I get a chance." 

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When it was pointed out that he would be facing a quick ejection if the scenario were to transpire, Draymond said "it would be worth it." 

"I'd get to talk about that for the rest of my life to him," Green said. "So it would be worth it." 

Green and Iguodala were Warriors teammates for six seasons. They went to five NBA Finals together, winning three titles. When it came to choosing a favorite moment he experienced with Iguodala, the always talkative Green nearly was at a loss for words. 

"When you play with a guy like Andre, who's obviously become a brother, it's hard to point out one moment," Green said. "We've shared so many good times together. If it any moment stands out more, my favorite moment for him was when he won Finals MVP. That's something that not a lot of people have done.

"So for him to get that honor, I think it's hard to put anything above that." 

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Green and Iguodala have shared countless memories together on and off the court. They're champions and they're brothers. 

On Monday night, they'll be opponents. No matter how Draymond jokes, he knows his smile will be shining when he first sees Andre again.

Draymond Green jokes he's going to flagrant foul Andre Iguodala in return originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

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