Draymond Green is impressed with the 2023 rookie class

The NBA’s 2023 rookie class has gotten off to a great start. Multiple new faces are making an impact that looks like potential All-Stars of the future. The Golden State Warriors also have two rookies that have started the season off in strong fashion. Trayce Jackson-Davis and Brandin Podziemski have made the most of their minutes thus far.

However, Draymond Green has been most impressed with how NBA-ready some of this year’s class are. During a post-game press conference on Nov. 6 the veteran forward noted Ausar Thompson, Amen Thompson, Marcus Sasser, and Vincent Wembanyama as being NBA-level players despite playing less than 10 games in the league.

Green noted how such an influx of talent is good for the NBA but could make his chances of making future All-Defensive teams more difficult.

“When you look at this rookie class, it doesn’t really look like a rookie class,” Green said. “Even our two rookies, you put those guys in the game, and they don’t make the mistakes that rookies make. It’s the same thing for the Thompson twins, Wemby, and even Marcus Sasser. They don’t look like rookies. I think it’s an incredible class. But the Thompson twins, I feel a way about the Thompson twins and Wemby because those guys are making it much hard for me to make All-Defensive teams…I’m happy to see it.”

Green is widely considered one of the greatest defensive players in NBA history. The four-time champion has made eight All-Defensive teams in his career, four as a first-team selection and four as a second-team selection. He was also the 2017 Defensive Player of the Year.

Green will likely be aiming to make a push for an All-Defense team again this season. His presence as a defensive lynchpin for the Warriors is a significant reason why they continue to be such a high-level roster and can compete for championships.

The 2023 rookie class looks to be one of the strongest in recent memory, and it would appear Green approves of the overall defense-first mindset.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire