Draymond Green discusses Brandin Podziemski’s “irrational confidence”

Brandin Podziemski produced another impressive performance during the Golden State Warriors loss to the LA Clippers on Saturday (Dec. 2.) The rookie was fearless on both sides of the court, impacting the scoring column and as a team-based defender. In 36 minutes of playing time, Podziemski amassed a statline of 12 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, and 1 block, shooting 55.6% from the field and 66.7% from deep.

When speaking to the media as part of his post-game press conference, Draymond Green praised Podziemski (for the second straight game.) Green noted how the rookie wing has been approaching games with an incredible amount of confidence, which has likely been why he’s succeeding when checking into games.

“He’s fearless,” Green said. “He’s going up against James Harden like he belongs there. That’s a skill. That’s a trait that most people don’t possess. You’re talking about a rookie going up against James, who has 1 MVP…He’s taking on that challenge like he’s another guy at the park. Irrational confidence. It’s amazing when guys have that. BP’s playing well for us. His minutes are continuing to grow and grow, and that’s not just due to injuries. That’s a testament to the work he’s put in and the production that he’s bringing and giving us when he’s in the game.”

Podziemski’s minutes will likely decrease once Chris Paul is back in the rotation. However, the impressive 20-year-old projects to be a primary part of the team’s rotation throughout the regular season.

If Podziemski continues to impress in his bench role, he could find himself getting an immediate taste of postseason basketball. Steve Kerr has received criticism for how he’s developed rookies in the past, but with Podzeimski, it looks like he could redeem himself.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire