Draymond Green backs Steph Curry as greatest point guard of all time

Since Steph Curry jovially anointed himself as the greatest point guard of all time, the debate has raged. Some people believe that Curry’s position isn’t that of a legitimate floor general. While others point to Magic Johnson’s illustrious career. No matter which side of the fence you find yourself on, it’s clear that Curry belongs in the conversation.

During a recent interview with ESPN, Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green was asked who he believes is the greatest point guard in the history of the NBA. The Warriors forward gave a well-thought-out response, noting how Curry’s impact on the way basketball is played is what makes him the greatest in his position.

“What Steph Curry has done to the game of basketball —which I think is an even bigger compliment than what you’ve done for the game. What he’s done to the game of basketball, like how can he not be [the greatest point guard ever.] As tough as it is, cause that’s my Spartan dawg,  it’s a very easy one for me. I gotta roll with the dawg that I rolled in with, and that’s Steph Curry.”

Curry’s influence on the game of basketball spans worldwide. At 6’2”, Curry is relatable with the average person, showing that if you can develop a high-level basketball IQ and a reliable perimeter shot, you can succeed at different competitive basketball levels.

By the time Curry calls time on his career, he will have earned a seat at the table of the greatest guards in history. However, it’s unlikely we will ever get a consensus regarding who belongs at the head of that table.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire