Draft prospect Derrius Guice asked at NFL combine if he likes men, if his mom sells herself

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Former LSU running back Derrius Guice is a top NFL prospect, projected to be taken in the first or second round of next month’s draft.

He’s a balanced runner with NFL ready speed and power. He also seems to have a good sense of humor about being asked inappropriate questions by a team representative at last week’s NFL scouting combine. Like whom he sleeps with and if his mother is a prostitute.

Guice went on SiriusXM NFL Radio Wednesday and was asked about the most unusual question he faced in Indianapolis.

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“Man, it was pretty crazy, bro,” Guice said. “Some people really try to get in your head, man, and really just test your reaction and see what your reaction is going to be.

“I’d go in one room and a team would ask me, ‘Do I like men?’ just to see my reaction. They’d try to bring up one of my family members or somebody and tell me, ‘Hey, man, I heard your mom sells herself. How do you feel about that?’ Just random stuff like that, man, to see how you respond.”

An NFL team asked Derrius Guice if he likes men and about if his mom sells herself at the NFL combine. (AP)
An NFL team asked Derrius Guice if he likes men and about if his mom sells herself at the NFL combine. (AP)

Guice did not identify the team that asked him those questions. If he did, it could (and should) cause trouble for whomever asked the questions as the NFL warned against such lines of questioning after Le’Veon Bell and Nick Kasa were asked if they liked girls in 2013.

The warning didn’t stop Atlanta Falcons assistant coach Marquand Manuel from asking Eli Apple about his sexual orientation at the 2016 combine. But apparently he didn’t have much to fear as he and the Falcons got away with an apology and no punishment from the NFL.

So it’s yet to be seen if the NFL finds out who asked Guice those questions and whether the league will actually bare any teeth if it does.

With the social climate having dramatically shifted from even 2016 to today, hopefully the NFL will have the courage to take a stand this time.

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