Dr. Pimple Popper Yanks A Massive 4-Pound 'Pollo Loco' Lipoma In New IG Videos

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Dr. Pimple Popper Yanks A Massive 4-Pound 'Pollo Loco' Lipoma In New IG Videos
  • Brace yourselves, Popaholics! Dermatologist Sandra Lee, MD, a.k.a. Dr. Pimple Popper is a total pro when tackling lipomas. And this one is a total shocker—thanks to its sheer size.

  • In a two-part Instagram vid, Dr. P took more than an hour to remove a four-pound lipoma the size of a whole chicken. (Although Popaholics would disagree and say it looked like a turkey.)

  • In the end, the lipoma was removed and the patient was stitched up cleanly—and he's good as new. Another life changed for the better, thanks to Dr. P!

Lipomas are rarely a quick and easy job—even for dermatologist extraordinaire Sandra Lee, MD, a.k.a. Dr. Pimple Popper. Her past lipoma removals have taken 20 minutes, 28 minutes, or more. But Dr. P certainly took quite some time to work with this behemoth—more than an hour in total to remove. So she treated her Popaholics to an intense two-part video on Instagram. And when you see how massive the growth was, you'll understand why!

"Pollo Loco Lipoma Part 1: It’s a challenge to remove the big ones. Go slow and don’t carry a super sharp knife unless necessary #drpimplepopper," she captioned the first video.

The first clip starts with Dr. P examining the lipoma that she says her patient has had on his back "for years." The video then skips to the lipoma already sliced open—and Dr. P gently uses her gloved fingers to move it around under his skin, hoping to loosen it up. As she does, it makes a farting sound...which she jokingly plays off with an "excuse me!"

She uses surgical scissors to snip open the edges to expose more of the growth, before Dr. P fast forwards a bit to tell the viewers "it took me over an hour to remove this." She explains that she used the tumescent method to remove it, which means she had to put a lot of fluid underneath the skin to anesthetize it.

"I'm gonna use my fingers primarily because they're not sharp objects," Dr. P explains. "And this is how I can remove this lipoma in a very gentle and safe manner."

And as she works on unearthing the lipoma from the patient's skin, she notes that if there's any bleeding, she quickly cauterizes it to keep things clean.

"Respect the lipoma!" she says as she gingerly works it out. She notes the most difficult part of removing this one was getting the part that was attached to his body because it had a wide base.

And because the removal took a while, she followed it up with a second video: "Pollo Loco Lipoma Part 2 #drpimplepopper #pimplepopping," she captioned the second post.

This clip starts with the lipoma almost fully removed. Dr. P's assistant holds it while she finishes snipping out the base, making sure there aren't any "big vessels."

Several minutes into it, Dr. P triumphantly declares: "It's almost gone!" She then continues with the snipping before the massive lipoma is finally removed. "I am so proud of him! He did a great job, he was pretty nervous about this," Dr. P narrates.

From there, she removes a small swath of extra skin that was left from the space where the lipoma once lived. After she stitches him up, they place the lipoma on a scale...and it comes in at an astounding 4 pounds. (Although it looked big enough to weigh 12.)

"It's like a chicken! Pollo loco!" says Dr. P.

And her Popaholics are super proud of her work: "I know he feels so much better thanks to your skills," one commented. While another wrote, "Absolutely amazing Bravo👏👏👏👏👏."

Another life changed, thanks to our good doctor!

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