Dr. Oz's Football Gaffe Reinforces 'Carpetbagger' Claims, Critics Say

Dr. Oz played political football over the weekend ― and fumbled.

Mehmet Oz, the GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, urged voters on Saturday to contact 10 other potential supporters ahead of Tuesday’s midterm elections.

“Do it before the Steelers game,” said Oz, who was with former President Donald Trump at a rally in Latrobe. “Just find the time.”

Just one problem: There was no Steelers game on Sunday. The team had a bye week.

Oz has made some other poor play calls in his race against Democrat John Fetterman. Last week, the former talk show host suggested that Pennsylvania was on the Atlantic coast, prompting ridicule over his lack of familiarity with his recently adopted state. Oz, who was living in New Jersey, only began calling Pennsylvania home for his election bid.

The New York Times’ Trip Gabriel suggested that the Republican’s Steelers mistake “won’t help dispel doubts that Oz is a carpetbagger.”

Others noticed Oz’s goof and ran with it:

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