Down five points, Brock Purdy throws two interceptions in final six minutes

Down 22-17 in the fourth quarter of Monday night's game at Minnesota, the 49ers had two chances to win the game. Both drives ended with a Brock Purdy interception.

As explained by Josh Dubow of the Associated Press, Purdy became the first 49ers quarterback to throw two fourth-quarter interceptions while down by one score since Colin Kaepernick in 2013 NFC title game, against the Seahawks. It last occurred in a regular-season game in Week 9 of the 2009 season, with Alex Smith did it against the Titans.

We discussed both plays on Tuesday's PFT Live. On the first one, Purdy threw to a spot. He missed the spot. Vikings cornerback Cam Bynum got to the spot. On the second, Purdy threw across his body and Bynum made a leaping grab to seal the deal.

What does it mean for Purdy? Well, he had a chance to deliver in the clutch, on a big stage in prime time. He failed. The next time he has that opportunity, he needs to cash in — or it could begin to become a narrative.

It's also possible that Purdy was feeling a little off. Just a few snaps before the first interception, he ran a quarterback sneak on third and short and, as shown by the overhead angle, got ROCKED, with a helmet shot to the facemask from Vikings linebacker Jordan Hicks.

Purdy did not seem to be affected. Go back and look at the play. Did the blow knock him off-kilter just enough down the stretch? We'll likely never get a clear answer, but it's fair to at least ask the question.