Douglas County Past: Thieves make off with 500-pound safe; East End avenues renamed

Feb. 12—Feb. 9, 1989

Hounds humble Spartans

The eager Superior Senior High boys' basketball team finds itself in a position today it desperately didn't want to be in.

The Spartans are faced with a three-game losing streak down the home stretch of the regular season.

The SSHS predicament became a reality when the Spartans bowed to the red-hot Duluth East High Greyhounds, 62-50, Wednesday night in Lake Superior Conference action in Duluth.

"The best we can do is third place and we will work hard for it," SSHS Coach Larry Cole said.

SSHS center Direk Tepaske scored seven of his 13 points in the last period.

Senior guard Dana Gravesen, who started in place of Chad Johnson in search of additional firepower, led the Spartans with 14 points. Two of his four buckets were three-pointers.

SSHS forward Brad Wermter had seven of his nine points in the first half and two of Spartan guard Joe Stariha's three baskets were from the three-point range.

Feb. 10, 1924

Cathedral is again winner

The Superior Cathedral Basketball team added another victory to their long line of wins last night at the K.C. auditorium by taking the Morgan Park High quint into camp to the tune of 13-7. The game was a nip-and-tuck affair during the first periods, but the midget Cathedral clan opened up during the final period and got through Morgan Park's defense for two field goals.

Kernan, Cathedral's center played a whale of a game on defense along with Payton the diminutive floor guard who time after time outwitted his opponents with clever pivots. Captain Shibsted handicapped with a sprained wrist, failed at basket shooting but made up for it on floor work. Hansen, the Cathedral's new find, substituted for Payton and played the game like a veteran. Horan as usual was the individual star at shooting baskets, making 7 out of 13 points for his team.

Lieb children to have home

Martha, age 7, Frieda, age 5, Ernest, age 6, Herbert, age 3 and Gertrude, age 2, children of Otto Lieb, Solon Springs farmer found guilty in municipal court recently of mistreating the little girl Martha, will all be taken care of at the Superior Children's home, according to an order handed down this morning by Judge W.E. Haily, county judge.

Nine witnesses were called to testify this morning about the financial and living conditions at the Lieb home. The witnesses, Mr. Berg, Minnie Dutz, Sadie Wilcox, Dr. A.G. Wilcox, Mrs. George Smith, all residents of Solon Springs, and Mrs. Mabel Bott, teacher at the Solon Springs school, were unanimous in the opinion that Mr. Lieb could not give the children the care to which they were entitled.

The order of the judge transferring the children to the children's home is only temporary until such time as Lieb can procure a suitable housekeeper to care for the children.

Feb. 10, 1989

Cable TV reps to visit Nebagamon

LAKE NEBAGAMON — Representatives of four cable television companies which have shown interest in serving Lake Nebagamon will be invited to a meeting of the village public works committee at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in the village auditorium.

At the February meeting of the village board, clerk Swan Herlevi said all four companies have requested meetings with the board.

The village board agreed to sponsor three potential village marshals at the police training school offered by the Wisconsin Bureau of Standards and Training. In another public safety matter, the village board amended the by-laws of the fire department to make it improper for any volunteer fireperson to answer a fire call if he or she has been drinking alcoholic beverages.

Armed man robs gasoline station

Police arrested two men in connection with an armed robbery of a gas station Thursday night.

Tower Avenue Spur, 1706 Tower Ave., was robbed shortly before 11 p.m. by a man armed with a knife, according to Jon Freeman, an employee at the station.

The suspect left the station with an undetermined amount of cash and was reportedly apprehended a short time later by police, Freeman said.

Feb. 11, 1924

Remove 500-pound safe through Omaha station window; get $650

Hoisting a 500-pound safe through a shattered window in the ticket office at the Omaha depot last night, thieves made good their get-away with the safe and contents, which included $600 in cash and about $50 in express orders and checks.

The theft was the second one to take place at the depot within a month. A month ago someone gained entrance to the ticket office by way of a broken window and ransacked the place, scattering paper and office equipment over the room. At that time only a few cents were stolen.

Superior news in brief

Mail bag lost — Post office officials reported to police Sunday that a mail bag containing letters from Brule, Wis. had been lost from one of the mail trucks after it had been taken from the Union depot some time Saturday night. The bag contained only a few letters.

Feb. 12, 1924

New names of streets listed

When the new plan, recently adopted by the city commission after having been approved by the Superior (East End) Chamber of Commerce, which provides for the changing of the street and residence numbers, is put into effect. The street names will be as follows, according to a chart made by E.B. Banks, who formulated the plan:

G Avenue, which is the first street beyond Hill Avenue, the dividing line, will become First Avenue East. The proposed house numbers between Hill and G avenues will be 101 to 110.

H Avenue, or the second street beyond Hill Avenue, will become Second Avenue East and the numbers will be 201 to 210. This is continued as far east as Robertson Avenue.

(Former name of streets being changed to First through 21st Avenue East are as follows: G-R avenues followed by Division, Morgan, Cadotte, Corcoran, Walbridge, Carlton, St. John, Hollingshead, Nettleton, Becker, Thompson, Stinson, Newton, Baker, Walker, Richardson, Breckinridge, Nelson, Robertson).

Articles and pictures courtesy of retired librarian Judy Aunet with Superior Public Library.