Doug Pederson: Trevor Lawrence is giving us ideas, really becoming a coach on the field

Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence is entering his fourth season, his third under head coach Doug Pederson.

During his Tuesday press conference, Pederson said that Lawrence has done a good job progressing in his leadership, saying that the quarterback is “becoming the vocal leader in the locker room, on the field, in meetings.”

“He's engaging,” Pederson said. “When we got him three years ago, he was just learning our system and kind of quiet and just trying to go through the motions a little bit of just trying to adapt to us and get a feel for us. Now he's engaging and giving us ideas. Now he's giving us suggestions and ideas and really becoming another coach, a set of eyes on the field.

“That's just his growth, that is his development as a quarterback and not changing a lot schematically. Repetition goes a long way, and utilizing that repetition to benefit your football team. That's where Trevor has really taken the next step. Now, it's got to translate on the field, right, into wins and losses and touchdowns versus INTs. But that's where I've seen the biggest growth in the few years that we've been together.”

Lawrence did take some steps back in terms of his performance in throwing 14 interceptions in 16 games. But Pederson noted that it does take a few seasons for a quarterback to get to exactly where he needs to be.

“I learned this back when I went to Green Bay as a player under Mike Holmgren. It takes us it takes three to four years. It takes that time to develop into the quarterback that you want to become or you want for your team,” Pederson said. “And it's just not an overnight deal. It's not a plug-and-play deal. Some teams, some guys are going to have success, but there is that just understanding the game and learning the game and studying the game.

“For Trevor, he's now into that third year with us, and so that part I think for us it's the encouraging part as an offensive staff and just myself now going into that third year. This is kind of this jump year that he can have moving forward.”