Doug Pederson sees “a little hesitation” in Carson Wentz

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

The Eagles have an MVP candidate at starting quarterback and a Super Bowl MVP as his backup. It’s a good problem to have (then again, the best problem is no problem at all), but a real question lingers as to when Carson Wentz will be ready to go.

Coach Doug Pederson told Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America that Pederson sees “a little hesitation” in Wentz. “I think that’s natural,” Pederson said. “It’s more about his head than his knee right now.”

But what’s in Wentz’s head can affect how he uses his body. Former NFL quarterback Carson Palmer explained that he saw “ghosts” around his left knee while in the pocket for the first year after he suffered a torn ACL. Although Wentz’s ACL tear happened on a running play and not in a passing posture, he may be concerned about exposing the knee to contact of any kind, creating just enough of a distraction to cause a bad decision to be made.

It’s just another factor for Pederson and company to consider when deciding whether to go with Wentz or Nick Foles when the season begins. Clearly, Wentz represents the team’s future. Letting Foles handle the present, however, may be the best way to ensure that Wentz will have a full and fruitful career.

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