Doug Marrone hasn't watched a Super Bowl in decades

Phil Perry
NBC Sports Boston

FOXBORO -- Is it possible to be a prototypical football guy and miss out on the biggest football event of the year? Seem that way.

Jaguars coach Doug Marrone told Patriots reporters on Wednesday that he didn't watch the Patriots lose the Super Bowl to the Eagles in February. Not live. Not on the coaches film.

In fact, he hasn't watched the Super Bowl in years. Decades, maybe. How is that possible? Maybe he cares too much?


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"I don't know why no one believes that . . . I'm usually so pissed off that I can't handle it," he said on a conference call. "I just don't watch it. I watch enough tape during the year."

The last time he saw the Super Bowl was when, exactly?

"Probably when I wasn't a coach," he said. "Probably when I was allowed to gamble. Probably when I was 12. When I had a little money on it. You guys write that. I'll probably get [expletive] investigated."

When asked if watching Super Bowl LII might help him prep for this week's game in Jacksonville, Marrone said he's sure his offensive and defensive coaches have taken a look at it.

Maybe Marrone will come around eventually. He's missed some pretty good games wallowing in his February postseason fog.


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