Doug Gottlieb retracts Freddie Freeman report, apologizes to MLB agent Casey Close to end lawsuit

Doug Gottlieb, Fox Sports analyst.

One of the most bizarre MLB stories from the 2022 season has likely come to an end. Fox Sports talk show host Doug Gottlieb retracted his "incorrect" report about Los Angeles Dodgers slugger Freddie Freeman and apologized to agent Casey Close for the error.

Gottlieb released a statement Wednesday, stating he prematurely reported an inaccurate story.

In June, Gottlieb sent out a tweet, which he has since deleted, suggesting Close neglected to tell Freeman about a contract offer from the Atlanta Braves in the offseason. Freeman was a free agent and opted to sign with the Dodgers, leaving Atlanta after 12 seasons.

Freeman returned to Atlanta as a member of the Dodgers in June and got emotional speaking about his decision to leave. Freeman fired Close a few days after that series.

It was around that time that Gottlieb sent out a tweet suggesting Close failed to tell Freeman about a contract offer from the Braves.

Lawsuit against Doug Gottlieb expected to be dropped by Casey Close

Close filed a libel suit against Gottlieb, saying the accusations were false. The threat of that lawsuit was enough to make Gottlieb retract his story and tweet.

Close released a statement Wednesday suggesting the lawsuit will not move forward now that Gottlieb has apologized and retracted the story.

"From the onset, we were clear that Mr. Gottlieb's tweet was wholly inaccurate and that we would seek legal remedies to set the record straight. He has retracted his statement in its entirety and acknowledged that he got the story wrong. We consider this matter closed."

The case has yet to officially be closed, according to ESPN's Jeff Passan, but Close's comments suggest he all drop the lawsuit against Gottlieb.