'We don't need that right now': Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Barnes doesn't think Trump should visit Kenosha

The lieutenant governor of Wisconsin said Sunday it wasn’t a good idea for President Donald Trump to travel to Kenosha and meet with law enforcement this week, and that his presence would not help reduce tensions in the wake of Jacob Blake being shot by police.

Trump is scheduled to visit Kenosha in a campaign stop on Tuesday.

In an interview on CNN, Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes said it really wasn’t the right time for the president to visit the state.

“You look at the incendiary remarks that the president has made, they centered an entire convention around creating more animosity and creating more division around what is going on in Kenosha,” Barnes said. “So, I don’t know how given any of the previous statements that the president made that he intends to come here to be helpful. And we absolutely don’t need that right now.”