Keep bugs out. Let dogs in. A magnetic screen door will be a lifesaver this summer

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Screen Door (Source: Amazon)
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If you have an outdoor cat or a dog who enjoys spending hours outside, you might be used to leaving the back door ajar for them to use at their leisure. But with temperatures on the rise, that means summer bugs are too.

This magnetic screen is the perfect solution. You don’t have to worry about letting your pet outside or worry about bugs finding their way into your house.

Screen doors also allow you to better ventilate your home during the months of spring and summer. But they are notorious for getting stuck, and they can also cram your doorway. Magnetic screen doors, on the other hand, solve this problem as they open and close hands-free. You might want to get one before summer arrives. Get the chance to save 43% by buying this magnetic screen door today.

Not all screen doors are created equal: this one is simply better

This magnetic screen door is a lifesaver during the worst of the summer months. (Source: Amazon)
This magnetic screen door is a lifesaver during the worst of the summer months. (Source: Amazon)

$22.95 $29.95 at Amazon

You might be thinking that, no matter the brand, magnetic screen doors, all work the same. But one satisfied Amazon customer begged to differ, saying, “I was very surprised at this product right out of the box; it looks better and heavier duty than the previous screens I had purchased before.”

The reviewer also attested to the screen’s durability and ability to resist wear: “My dogs have not made any impact on this screen so far. Everything from the magnetics to the Velcro has held up with no wear at all.”

This magnetic screen door is unlike any other. Instead of using discontinuous strips to bind the screen together, it features a pair of magnetic strips that extend from end to end, completely and securely fastening the screen’s full length.

With this magnetic screen door, both kids and pets are happy

Kids will be kids. You’ll check on them as they play in the backyard, and before you notice it, they’re all in the kitchen asking for snacks and refreshments. Substandard screen doors don’t always work well in this constant traffic. However, this product is made from a heavy-duty, polyester mesh fabric to enhance its durability. But it's still lightweight, allowing your pets and children can pass through it with ease.

Plus, this screen has a patent-pending pair of handy snaps designed to let you keep the sides in place to ensure that you enjoy a bug-free day.

Magnetic screen doors are great for keeping insects at bay while inviting a summer breeze into your house. They give your pets the freedom to explore the ins and outs of your residence without forcing you to stop what you're doing to open the door. Buy this one with special technology and enjoy up to 43% savings on your purchase.

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