Don't let Pacers' Isaiah Jackson sit on waivers

If Isaiah jackson is still floating around on your waiver wire, Ryan Knaus dives into the reasons why you should scoop up the 20-year-old immediately.

Video Transcript

- Isaiah Jackson was drafted in 88% of Yahoo leagues this season, but over a third of those managers have already had drafter's remorse because now he's only rostered in 50% of leagues. The mass defection is somewhat understandable because I-Jax is averaging a mere 18.3 minutes per game as a backup center. But that overlooks, the fact that despite such low playing time, Jackson remains a top 175 value and 9 cap. For that, he can thank his five rebounds, 1.3 blocks, and 55% shooting from the field.

Playing time is the crux of the issue here because we know what Jackson can do when given the opportunity. In three fill-in starts this year, he's averaging 10.3 points, 5.3 rebounds, 1.7 dimes, two blocks, and one steal without a single turnover in 71 total minutes. Pacers coach Rick Carlisle hasn't played Jackson alongside Myles Turner at all this season.

But if for when Indiana does move on from Turner, Jackson will be an absolute must roster fantasy center. The trade deadline is February 9, but we may not need to wait that long. The Lakers are floundering at the bottom of the Western Conference, and Turner himself said that LA should take, quote, "a very hard look," end quote, at a deal to acquire him even if it means giving up first round picks. If you were among the 38% of managers who drafted Isaiah Jackson but then cut him, you may want to check the waiver wire to see if you can still reverse that decision.