Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert shut down Jazz fan angry about 'Black Lives Matter' on courts

Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert may not have the best relationship since Gobert’s irresponsible COVID-19 behavior and Mitchell’s positive test, but when it comes to shutting down childish whiners and possible racists, they’re perfectly in sync.

Mitchell and Gobert teamed up on Twitter on Tuesday night to dunk on a Utah Jazz fan who threatened to quit his fandom over the NBA’s visual support of Black Lives Matter. It was reported on Monday that the NBA would be painting “Black Lives Matter” on the sidelines of all three courts it’s using for the restart at Walt Disney World, and Twitter user “ThorOdinson543” was not happy about it.

“If you paint ‘BLM’ on the Court, you have LOST this Utah Jazz fan FOR LIFE,” he tweeted at various Jazz player and team accounts. “Never again. Won't even watch on TV. Gone like Yesterday.”

Most of the time athletes breeze by these tantrum tweets because they have lives, and because every idiotically angry fan isn’t their problem. But “ThorOdinson543” actually tagged Gobert in his tweet, and Gobert gave an answer that was much more thoughtful than the original tweet deserved.

Mitchell also responded, and gave “ThorOdinson543” exactly what he deserved.

The reason you can’t see the tweet Mitchell and Gobert are quoting is because “ThorOdinson543” deleted it, presumably out of shame because he got owned so, so hard. The lesson here? If you tweet stupid stuff at athletes, sometimes they’ll notice and embarrass you beyond all recognition.

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