Donnarumma talks Italy desire to ‘recreate’ glory at Euro 2024

Donnarumma talks Italy desire to ‘recreate’ glory at Euro 2024
Donnarumma talks Italy desire to ‘recreate’ glory at Euro 2024

Gianluigi Donnarumma opened up about Italy’s ambitions at the upcoming European Championship, underlining how there’s ‘no fear of not being able to replicate’ the success of Euro 2020.

The Azzurri have already arrived in Germany for the upcoming tournament, having warmed up in two friendlies against Turkey on June 6th and Bosnia three days later. Whilst Luciano Spalletti’s side didn’t impress in the former match, things were a little more positive in the latter.

Italy fans are concerned about the quality of the squad ahead of the European Championship, but hopes are still high of a decent campaign in Germany. The Azzurri will face Spain, Albania and Croatia in Group B, a tough start to the tournament.

Donnarumma on Italy hunger

Speaking to UEFA’s media department, Donnarumma first discussed his and Italy’s moods ahead of Euro 2024.

“Firstly, I’m happy to be here and to represent Italy. We will undoubtedly be ready for this big event, which is a unique competition, and I was lucky to win the last Euro. We are all here now to defend our title and try to do our best to get to the final.”

He reflected on the Azzurri’s penalty shoot-out win over England in the final.

“Sometimes I rewatch it, and I still get emotional. Those kinds of emotions can never be forgotten in our lives. We really made history, so we are proud to have done something like that and to still represent this country.”

Donnarumma commented on how it feels to wear the captain’s armband for Italy.

“I definitely feel more responsibility, but some of the other guys here already have that experience and could be captains too. We are all leaders in this team, and some of us need to help some of the guys who may be just starting out to grow. But they help us too.

“Then, of course, wearing the captain’s armband as an Italian player, representing the country wearing the armband, is an indescribable feeling.”

He spoke about the atmosphere in the Azzurri squad.

“Everyone has a different personality. Undoubtedly, the atmosphere was special three years ago, and that’s what we’re trying to recreate now. But they are all amazing guys now, so there is no fear of not being able to replicate that.

“We are a great group, and we gel together well. That will definitely be important, like it was at the last Euro.”

Donnarumma touched on the qualities of Group B opponents Albania.

“Albania are a great team with interesting young players who have experience. Every match is different, so we’ll have to approach it in the best way possible and try to win every game.

“We will have to go game by game but, right now, we are only thinking about doing well against Albania. After that, we’ll see.”

He discussed the group clash with Spain.

“They are a hard team to face. They’re a great team with internationally experienced players used to competitions like this.

“But the teams that will face us will certainly be reluctant to play against Italy because we have a great history and a great team too. They will need to prepare well for the matches because it will be hard to face us.”

Finally, Donnarumma was asked to name his favourites for the tournament.

“Some teams are undoubtedly very strong, like France and England, but we can have a say too. I think there are no favourites in a competition like this. There is everything to play for, so we will go there to have a say and get to the final.”