Donald Trump weighs in on the Laurel Yanny debate

Yahoo Entertainment

Just when you thought the epic Laurel/Yanny debate had died down on the internet, the Trump administration has brought the argument back to life.

The White House’s social media team released a short video with several staffers and members of the administration weighing in on what they heard in the viral audio clip – Laurel or Yanny. Senior advisor Ivanka Trump opens the video and Vice President Mike Pence gave his response.

And yes, President Donald Trump himself appeared as the latest cameo, naturally. Instead of hearing Laurel or Yanny, however, the president rehashed his now infamous Twitter blunder. “I hear covfefe,” Trump said.

The video reached nearly ten million views over several social media platforms, and as you can imagine, the reactions were mixed. Some found the clip funny, and others used it as an excuse to rag on the Trump administration.

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