Donald Trump and Marco Rubio are blasted during gun debate discussions

You Win Internet

Yesterday was a huge day for those who want changes in gun control laws and school safety. In the wake of the school shooting in parkland Florida that killed 17 people, survivors, advocates and politicians came together for an open discussion.

They started at the White House, where president Donald Trump listened to grieving parents and peers. While the overall conversation was well received, there was one detail the internet latched onto. Take a look at Donald Trump’s notes. You can clearly see at the bottom that someone reminded him to tell the victims, “I hear you.” Twitter blew UP with responses.

ML Brennan wrote, how are we living a in a reality where this is an actual AP photo and not something created by the Onion? And Perez Hilton blasted Trump. Our idiot president actually needs crib notes to remind him to sound sympathetic. Later that evening, several students, students, and teachers gathered for a town hall meeting on CNN, where they BLASTED republican Florida senator Marco Rubio, and his support from the NRA.

Twitter couldn’t help but be on the victims side of the debate after Rubio refused to stop taking money from the NRA. This twitter user shared a video. Marco Rubio at this Town Hall.

And this user shared this photo. Here is a summary of the CNN Townhall with Marco Rubio. What’s to become of all the talking is still unclear, although president trump did tweet this morning that he’s in favor of “comprehensive background checks, raising the age to 21 and ending sales of bump stocks.”

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