This Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un Wedding Ceremony Will Haunt Your Dreams

Amid the growing tensions between America and North Korea over who has the biggest missiles, British comedy and talk show The Last Leg imagined what it might take to reach peace between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. Of course, what the writers imagined is a bit of a long shot, partially because it’s all but unheard of in one of the countries. What they proposed: marriage.

Fake Kim Jong Un about to fake-marry a fake Donald Trump on <em>The Last Leg</em>. (Photo: Channel 4)
Fake Kim Jong Un about to fake-marry a fake Donald Trump on The Last Leg. (Photo: Channel 4)

They had a fake Kim wearing a veil meet a fake Trump at an alter. The “priest” asked Trump if he’d take Kim as his partner in peace and global harmony, and fake Trump said those magical words, “I do.”

This, of course, was followed with a kiss and a celebration. As absurd as this idea may be, host Adam Hills had some really good reasons as to why a marriage between Trump and Kim could work.

“They’ve both convinced their own people they’re under attack, and that they need to join around their charismatic leader who sends childish taunts, gives jobs to his own family, and has bonkers hair,” Hills said.

Watch this British cooking show segment go hilariously off the rails:

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