Donald Trump Jr. blasted for mocking the Youtube shooting

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Police in Northern California are investigating a shooting at the Youtube headquarters in San Bruno. Nasim Aghdam allegedly opened fire, injuring three people, before turning the gun on herself.

Authorities are scrambling to learn more information behind the attack, including a motive, and they’re looking to the 38-year-old suspect’s personal Youtube account for clues. Aghdam’s channel allegedly contained extremist vegan, pro-animal rights content. According to her social media pages, the woman felt Youtube was regulating her channel and prohibiting her rights to free speech.

Youtube, and other streaming services such as Apple and Amazon, have recently been pressured to ban extremist content from their sites, however the focus lately has been on gun-related content. In response to the Parkland mass shooting in February, Youtube announced it would prohibit videos about direct sales and modifying of firearms. Several petitions have also been created, urging the site to remove NRATV and NRA ads.

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Many couldn’t help but see the irony Youtube being targeted by an alleged vegan extremist with a gun – including Donald Trump Jr., who used the shooting as an opportunity to mock the anti-gun agenda. He went off on a NRA-friendly rant on Twitter.

Some users agreed with Trump Jr.’s assessment of the shooting, however many criticized the businessman for making light of the attack, which injured several people. They blasted Trump Jr. on Twitter.

Trump Jr. did not respond to the backlash, he continued tweeting and retweeting content such as, “PETA has more mass shooters than the NRA,” and “PETA is a terrorist organization.”

PETA has also not responded to Trump Jr.’s comments, nor have they commented on the Youtube shooting.

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