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“With over half the country backing Mary Jane now, Sessions is just digging his own grave.” “This is ridiculous and no one benefits from the policy of felony charges for marijuana use.” Yahoo news stories on Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s proposal to rescind the Obama-era policy that protects states’ rights to legalize marijuana have generated thousands of comments. And one thing is very clear: People are not happy. The policy stated the federal government would not interfere with states that legalize recreational and/or medical marijuana, as long as they adhere to a set of guidelines.

Sessions’s controversial move comes on the heels of a new poll showing that the majority of Americans believe pot should be legal. A common theme in the comments: Compared to opioids, tobacco, and alcohol, pot “isn’t the problem.” “Weed is not the killer here. It’s all the drugs doctors prescribe every day...that’s the real killer.” Along with the Trump administration at large, Sessions is facing swift backlash from readers. Example: “Why is it, that one person can change the lives of so many, just because of his own, personal beliefs?”

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