Don King fans up, attends a Miami Heat game

Don King isn't the world's most comforting character. He's killed two men, in his lifetime, and the boxing promoter has long been held as the standard bearer for all things skeevy and unsettling about the sport.

And, if Wikipedia is to be trusted (and it better be, otherwise an entire generation of college students are getting quite a few things wrong), Mike Tyson thinks that King "would kill his own mother for a dollar. He's ruthless, he's deplorable, he's greedy, and he doesn't know how to love anybody."

Mike Tyson said that, mind you. Mike Tyson.

But as shady a character as King is, the man does know how to Fan Up. And you remember how to Fan Up, right Miami?

Not mentioned in the poster I just linked to?

"Fan up ... means showing up to the game with an unlit cigar, keeping it in your mouth the entire time."

"Fan up ... means bringing three miniature American flags to your seat, and staying in that seat until the final buzzer."

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