Dominique Wilkins praises Jaylen Brown for entering dunk contest

Dominique Wilkins is one of the most iconic dunkers in NBA history. The Hall of Famer recently sat down with Bryan Kalbrosky of For The Win for a wide-ranging interview. During the discussion, Wilkins touched upon the dunk contest and why it’s important that stars like Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics participate in the event.

The nine-time All-Star noted how Brown’s star power can help raise the interest level while also giving younger players a platform to prove themselves to a worldwide audience. However, he did note that dunking is an art form.

“It’s definitely creativity,” Wilkins said. “It’s showmanship. It’s power. All of those elements make for a great dunk contest. I’m looking for how you come out early in terms of your finesse. That will give you an opportunity to win.”

Jaylen Brown has echoed Wilkins' statement at All-Star weekend

Brown has echoed Wilkins’ statement during his All-Star media availability, The three-time All-Star discussed the artistic process that goes into producing showmanship-level dunks.

“I’m in my athletic prime right now,” Brown said. “When it comes to dunking, I think it’s an art form. When it comes to dunking on somebody, I think I’m the best to ever do it. So, I’m looking forward to it. I think it’s just an extension of the art form of dunking. I’m excited.”

Brown is among the most explosive athletes in the NBA. He will undoubtedly look to utilize that explosivness during the dunk contest. As such, fans are excited to see a genuine star talent participating in the event for the first time in years.


Wilkins is glad there's some star power back in the dunk contest

Wilkins is excited to see the Georgia native representing the league in the event that is historically one of the most exciting parts of All-Star weekend.

“It’s always good to have some star power in the dunk contest. I was really delighted that someone like Jaylen Brown was participating…When you participate in the dunk contest, you have to feel really passionate about and want to do. That’s how you create a wonderful environment. It’s good to see a guy like Jaylen Brown doing this on his own.”

As a two-time dunk contest champion (1985 and 1990,) Wilkins understands the importance of amplifying the event and making it a competitive spectacle. The hope is that more stars will follow Brown’s lead and sign up for the event next season.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire