Dominique Wilkins on Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird’s dominance

Among the greatest dunkers in the history of the NBA and a top-75 all-time player according to the league, Dominique Wilkins is former Boston Celtic who cut his teeth in the Association playing against Celtics legend Larry Bird before he joined the Hick From French Lick’s club in the twilight of his career.

So we ought to take Wilkins at his word when he sings the praises of Bird’s ability to take over a game at will in ways even the thunderous dunker himself was in awe of. And with the recent rise in popularity of unjustly bashing Boston legends, such a recounting is all the more critical.

Take a look at this recent interview of Wilkins with the folks over at the Players Tribune “Knuckleheads” podcast to hear what ‘Nique had to say about Larry Legend (and tons more) for yourself.

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