Dolphins vendor arrested after charging fan $724 for two beers

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Sports fans already joke about beer prices at their favorite stadium being criminal, but one Miami Dolphins vendor decided to make that a reality Sunday. A Dolphins vendor was arrested after charging a fan $724 for two beers, according to the Miami Herald.

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No, Dolphins fans are not so desperate for alcohol that they are willing to pay $724 for two beers. The vendor — 33-year-old Nathaniel Collier — reportedly tried to take hundreds from an unsuspecting Dolphins fan by scanning the fan’s credit card to a personal card reader, not the one provided to the vendor at the stadium, according to the Herald.

He grabbed the fan’s card and swiped it using a personal card reader, not the device the stadium provides to vendors, according to the police report. Shortly after the transaction was processed, the fan received an alert from his bank notifying him of the steep charge to his card. It also displayed the vendor’s name.

Collier was arrested and faces charges of grand theft and using a skimming device. Collier was also fired by Rocket Man, the company that employs the vendors at Dolphins games.

After all that, the fan watched the Dolphins lose 30-10 to the Los Angeles Chargers. The loss dropped Miami to 0-4 on the season.


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