Dolphins’ Tua Tagovailoa pokes fun at himself in star-studded Super Bowl commercial

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is yet to reach a Super Bowl and the franchise’s best quarterback, and former quarterback Dan Marino only played in one 40 years ago. However, the two are finding their way to the big game Feb. 11.

Tagovailoa is heavily featured in a Paramount+ ad, while Marino makes an appearance in a Michelob Ultra commercial highlighted by Inter Miami soccer star Lionel Messi.

The Paramount+ ad starts with Tagovailoa unable to throw a grappling hook far enough to reach a mountain peak that he and a handful of famous entertainers need to climb as they navigate a snowstorm.

Tagovailoa remarks that if it were a football, he could throw the necessary distance. It is then suggested by Sir Patrick Stewart that he should throw Arnold, the boy with a football-shaped head from 1990s Nickelodeon cartoon “Hey Arnold!”

Tagovailoa refuses to throw a child into a mountain peak, a decision supported by Drew Barrymore.

Stewart rips off his outerwear to reveal old-time football gear, and he fires Arnold into the air, as Creed’s “Higher” is performed by the band.
Stewart’s toss falls short, though, and Arnold is smashed into the mountain rock. The next suggestion is to toss someone made of pigskin, with children’s cartoon character Peppa Pig present.

Tagovailoa appears open to allow the ad to poke fun at a few of the criticisms of his game in real life by agreeing to appear: His throwing arm strength and ability to perform in cold weather. When Tagovailoa refuses to throw Arnold, Stewart challenges him: “Not built for the moment, I see.”

Tagovailoa is also, at times, criticized for coming up short in big games or clutch late-game scenarios.

Tagovailoa is set to participate in his first Pro Bowl, the NFL’s all-star event, on Sunday in Orlando. He led the NFL with 4,624 passing yards, throwing 29 touchdowns and 14 interceptions while completing 69.3 percent of passes — all career highs as he completed a full season healthy for the first time in four years with the Dolphins.