Dolphins’ throwbacks could eventually become their permanent uniforms

Mike Florio
·1 min read

Several teams have alternate uniforms that look better than their primary uniforms. The Dolphins, in the opinion of many, definitely should embrace their throwback configuration over their current helmets, jerseys, and pants.

As explained by Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, “a lot of people” in the organization want the throwbacks to become the permanent uniforms. Per Salguero, owner Stephen Ross has yet to give the final approval to undo the massive logo and uniform overhaul that the team unveiled in 2013.

Among the proponents of the old-school uniforms, modeled after the team’s original look from 1966, is coach Brian Flores. Although he initially parroted the stereotypical “football guy” line during a Thursday video conference — “I like to coach, I don’t care what we’re wearing” — Flores eventually came around, after his Belichickian tendencies fizzled out.

“If you want me to vote, I’ll vote for the old uniforms, if you want me to be casting votes,” Flores said, via Salguero. “If I had to choose the old or the new, I’d probably go with the old.”

And in the event anyone missed Flores’ clear preference, Salguero says Flores added this line before ending the videoconference: “I like the old uniforms.”

They’ll wear them on Sunday against the Chargers. As the team begins to perform like it did back in the early ’70s, it makes plenty of sense for them to look like they did then, too.

Dolphins’ throwbacks could eventually become their permanent uniforms originally appeared on Pro Football Talk