Dolphins suspend Lawrence Timmons indefinitely

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

The Miami Dolphins have made a decision regarding linebacker Lawrence Timmons. And it’s an aggressive one.

The Dolphins have announced that Timmons has been suspended indefinitely. As a practical matter, the Dolphins definitely can suspend Timmons for up to four weeks without pay.

He’ll lose $58,823 per week (based on a $1 million annual salary), and he’ll potentially be required to refund 4/17th of the 2017 allocation of $5.5 million signing bonus ($647,000). The most also wipes out the remaining guarantees in his contract (he had $11 million fully guaranteed at signing), allowing the team to cut him with no further financial obligation.

While the Dolphins have remained mum about Timmons’ decision to go AWOL while the team was in L.A., they clearly don’t like either what he did or how he handled it, apparently disappearing without telling the team that he’d be leaving. Now, he’ll be leaving for up to four weeks — and maybe for good.

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