Dolphins react to NFL banning hip-drop tackling

During the NFL’s annual meetings, teams voted on a few issues, including the hotly-debated hip-drop tackling technique, which was used by a Tennessee Titans defender on Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill, resulting in an injury.

The league has decided to ban the technique from the sport despite the NFL Players Association opposing such a ban.

According to NFL executive Jeff Miller, the hip-drop tackle was used 230 times last season, resulting in 15 players missing time with injuries.

After the news was announced a few Dolphins took to social media to share their displeasure with the change.

Obviously, Holland, Neal and Nixon all make their living off of bringing down offensive players, and this will make their lives much more difficult.

However, even some offensive players are complaining.

The league should be doing what it can to make the game safer for their players, but it does feel like rules are continuing to favor offense, and defenders are the ones who have to adjust their game.

There needs to be more balance.

Story originally appeared on Dolphins Wire