Are the new Dolphins RBs already undervalued?

Andy Behrens and Scott Pianowski discuss the two new Miami Dolphins RBs, Chase Edmonds and Raheem Mostert, and how the perceptions around both are making them good value plays in best ball drafts.

Video Transcript

[YAHOO SPORTS INTRO SOUND EFFECTS] ANDY BEHRENS: I feel like nobody's ever going to fight me for a Miami running back, particularly after what happened last year. But I kind of like, I mean, I wouldn't have them both, I think, in the same league, but I kind of like both Chase Edmonds and Raheem Mostert for different reasons. I expect, number one, life to be really good for the running backs in Mike McDaniel's offense. Right? Like, there's every reason to expect that. They have talent all over the field. So it's not like you're going to overload. Tyreek Hill is out there, it's not like your defense is going to overload to stop Raheem Mostert. You look at Edmonds, he's averaged 5.7 yards per touch in each of the last three seasons. I think he's really good. Mostert's only issues are involve staying healthy. When he's on the field, he's generally great. Super fast. About his-- talk about team speed, between Waddle and Hill and Raheem Mostert, if he makes it all the way back, that is really exciting. So again, I think the Miami backfield situation, it's one where nobody fights you for these guys. Everybody's kind of irritated with them. Everybody's done with Raheem Mostert. You can probably get him very late. I'm pretty interested in that pair. SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Yeah, Myles Gaskin didn't make anybody happy last year. And Edmonds also was one of these guys-- I mentioned Kyle Pitts earlier-- Edmonds was comically unlucky with touchdowns. Now granted, he doesn't have a profile where you think of them, oh, first and goal at the one, it's Chase Edmonds time. But if you're going to be that productive on a per touch basis, you're going to eventually find the end zone a handful of times. A positive touchdown regression should hit for Edmonds next year where it would be no surprise if he scored seven or eight times.