Are the Dolphins a legitimate Super Bowl contender in the AFC? | Zero Blitz

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz and Frank Schwab hop on Zero Blitz to discuss the Miami Dolphins win over the New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football, debate just how high the ceiling is for the Tua Tagovailoa-led Dolphins, and talk about what level of panic fans of the Patriots should have after dropping to 0-2.

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Video Transcript


FRANK SCHWAB: Tua is elite. He was really, really good again tonight, especially the first half. He was dealing. The Patriots made some adjustments. They definitely took Tyreek Hill out of the game, and Tua still got the job done. They win again. I think the thing that impressed me most is I was talking about the Dolphins a Super Bowl contender, and they are. They are a Super Bowl contender as long as Tua stays healthy. We're going to have to repeat that phrase a million times. Was this week the defense showed up. Last week, was a little shaky on their defense, obviously. In this game, the Dolphins defense was fantastic.

Yeah, they gave up a little bit in the second half. I think they let down a little bit when they got a couple of big leads, but, overall, they were getting pressure on Mac Jones. They were defending really, really well. This is a Patriots offense that was pretty good against the Eagles last week, even in a loss. The Dolphins really shut them down. It gives me hope that they're really picking up this Vic Fangio scheme. That they're going to be good on both sides of the ball going forward. Like, this is a really good football team. And they have been since last year. The only thing that really held them back last year was Tua got hurt. And you hope that doesn't happen again. There's really no way to predict it. We all hope Tua just stays healthy. And I hope he stays healthy just because I want to see the ceiling of this Dolphins team.

JASON FITZ: I refuse to allow this level of positivity to continue. So let's do a little bit of panic meter fun here because it kind leads us to the other side of this game. You mentioned New England's offense. Two weeks in a row, New England's been close enough to beat two of the better teams in the NFL, right? So maybe the sky is not falling. Like, I particularly have said loudly that I'm out on the Patriots. I'm out on Mac Jones. I don't think any of this is good enough. I watched this feeling like this was a lot like last week, dude. It felt to me a lot like, all right, you're close enough, but you don't quite get it done. And now if you're the Patriots, you're sitting there at 0 and 2. I don't know. I think Foxborough fans might be freaking out. I just came out with that on the top of my head, all that alliteration.

FRANK SCHWAB: Definitely, and we talked about making three or four plays that turn a game. Well, they don't have enough blue chip guys to make those plays. You can have the greatest coach of all time in Bill Belichick. You can have a lot of really, really solid players to run his schemes, but sometimes you just need a Tyreek Hill to make a play. This team doesn't have those blue chip guys. Rhamondre is a good player. Judon is a very, very good player. But when you need a guy to really turn a game around, it's been hard for them. And that's why they're at 0 and 2.

JASON FITZ: As I was watching tonight the question was, how many of these guys from the Patriots roster if they were on the Dolphins, would actually be starting today? And the answer is not many. So it speaks-- and that's Belichick's fault as I've said loudly. Belichick is the one that picks the ingredients. So it is his fault, but it doesn't change the fact that the Patriots feel, I don't know, outmatched. I'm not going to panic on them yet because 0 and 2 against two quality opponents, I don't know what the hell you expected. Like, it just feels like if you're a Patriots fan, you should have expected a slow start, right?

FRANK SCHWAB: Yeah, but, I mean, the panic has to be there just because, again, two home games, you're 0 and 2. I mean, the history is the history. Less than 10% of 0 and 2 teams make the playoffs. It's a really tough hole to dig out of, especially in a really deep AFC.