Which Dolphins games could be flexed via new Thursday night scheduling?

The NFL has spoken, and what it said might be good news for some, bad news for others. The league decided this week to allow up to two games to be flexed into Thursday night games in 2023 as an experiment. Meaning those asterisks on the latter portion of the Dolphins’ schedule could be significant.

The games in question are in Weeks 13-17, when playoff positions are often won and lost.

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Dolphins receiver Jaylen Waddle celebrates a touchdown during the comeback against the Ravens last season.
Dolphins receiver Jaylen Waddle celebrates a touchdown during the comeback against the Ravens last season.

The Dolphins enter the picture for a couple of reasons. One is they’re expected to have a ready-for-prime-time team. No. 2: They currently do not have any Thursday night assignments, only that Black Friday afternoon game at the Jets.

That’s significant because the NFL won’t ask any team to play more than two Thursday games, nor will any team get flexed into TNF more than once. Also, if no games are flexed into TNF in 2023, the experiment will roll over into the 2024 season. And the league decided that games must be flexed at least 28 days in advance after Giants owner John Mara called TNF flexing "abusive" to fans.

So for those who like to plan far in advance, especially when it comes to travel arrangements, take note as we break down the likelihood of Dolphins games getting switched around:

Week 13

Dolphins: at Washington on Dec. 3

Current TNF game: Seattle at Dallas on Nov. 30

Comment: Hell would have to freeze over twice before America’s Team gets taken off prime time.

Week 14

Dolphins: vs. Tennessee on Dec. 11

Current TNF game: New England at Pittsburgh on Dec. 7

Comment: Patriots-Steelers has potential to be a stinker, especially if the rest of the AFC East has beaten up on New England by then, but Dolphins-Titans already is scheduled for prime time (a Monday night).

Week 15

Dolphins: vs. New York Jets on Dec. 17

Current TNF game: Los Angeles Chargers at Las Vegas on Dec. 14

Comment: On the surface, this would appear to be a prime candidate for flexing to TNF. But it’s not. The first Dolphins-Jets meeting of 2023 already is an Amazon Prime game, on Black Friday. If the Chargers-Raiders gets flexed out, it would be for another game, perhaps Cowboys-Bills or Eagles-Seahawks. Besides, as much as the NFL caters to TV, even it wouldn’t ask a team to follow a Monday night appearance with a Thursday night game. Keep in mind, however, that the Sunday night game (Ravens-Jaguars) could be shifted to the afternoon, allowing NBC to snag another game.

Week 16

Dolphins: vs. Dallas on Dec. 24

Current TNF game: New Orleans at Los Angeles Rams on Dec. 21

Comment: Keep your eye on this one. First, it’s the Dallas Cowboys. Assuming the Dolphins are in the playoff hunt, this game could be attractive to a national audience for several reasons.

Week 17

Dolphins: at Baltimore on Dec. 31

Current TNF game: New York Jets at Cleveland on Dec. 28

Comment: This ranks up there as a flex candidate if for no other reason than the thriller produced last season when the Dolphins made that remarkable comeback in Baltimore. Plus, Lamar Jackson is back. The catch is the Bengals-Chiefs game might be even more tempting for prime time — if the NFL dared snatch that 4:25 p.m. Sunday gem out from under CBS (it might not).

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